Show & Tell: XCAT (Zcash & Bitcoin)

The fourth episode of the Zcash Show & Tell series will feature two Zcash Company engineers Ariel Gabizon and Jay Graber who have been working on an implementation of XCAT (cross-chain atomic trades) between Zcash and Bitcoin.

Atomic cross-chain trading is a concept that has been floating around in the cryptocurrency space for a while now and the work Zcash Company has been doing on XCAT is shaping up to be the first implementation for trades with ZEC and BTC (and eventually ETH).

Each Show & Tell will be a 15-20 minute presentation by an outstanding community member (including ZcashCo employees from time to time) showcasing a project they’ve been working on. There will be 10 or 15 minutes at the end of the presentations for Q+A so feel free to submit your questions in the chat box or follow up with the presenters in the Community Chat (

ZBXCAT repository (now open sourced):
XCAT Github project:
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