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1-Hash ( by the Hangzhou Mine Technology Co., Ltd. to build. Mine Technology is located in Zhejiang Province National University Science Park, beautiful and rich science and technology atmosphere. With its advanced R & D core technology, keen market insight and broad international horizons, the company advocates and promotes the development of Bitcoin platforms as a pioneer in the field of Bitcoin and its block chain technology. As early in the field of the first generation of elite coins and the core strength of the team, young and full of vitality, has been uphold the responsibility, hard work, professional, innovative and win-win spirit of enterprise. In the dialysis of the new features of the Internet on the basis of access to different new Internet network finance, leading the next generation of Internet financial trends.

Discover the fastest mining method and offer cloud mining to the world with network marketing methods.


Fastest Cloud Mining Provider

Relying on a strong computing power as backing, erected in the proprietary distributed, high-performance, high-throughput Bitcoin node network above the protection of the stability of the block efficiency.

Best Tech Hardware

We make our own hardware that folds more efficiently and faster than on the market.

Very Secure

Years of experience in the operation of the pond, cast a super safety awareness, unique high-expansion, high-performance stratum architecture and a complete background monitoring mechanism to ensure that mining services 24 * 7 efficient operation.

99% Hardware Working Fast

We ensure our hardware is in a state of always live and in a fast-performing condition, at least 99% during use.

Fast Finance Process

We process all payments quickly and accurately.


You can view our work through your web office transparently.

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