How Factom is Bringing Digital Currencies To Business & Governments With Paul Snow


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Paul Snow is the Chief Architect of the popular Altcoin, Factom. After researching Factom for many months, I met Paul at a local Angel Investor Network meeting. I was really impressed by his passion for innovating blockchain technology and bringing it to the masses.

Factom is an innovative cryptocurrency that is seeking to bring blockchain technology to disjointed and antiquated industries like real estate, contracts, and government bureaucracies.

Out of the hundreds of alternative cryptocurrencies that have been created since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, Factom is one of the few coins that is trying to innovate and add value over just copying Bitcoin.

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Factom coin aka factoid - Should you invest in it?

The Factom Coin is called a factoid. Factom is a cryptocurrency that launched about 9 months ago. They specialize in record keeping. They take any digital files, make an hash from it (tiny cryptographic proof) and store it on the bitcoin blockchain.

The goal of Factom is to make the world more trustworthy and im looking forward to see what they will do next.
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