CureCoin: You Can Make a Difference Earning a bitcoin Alternative (International (short))


CureCoin: You Can Make a Difference Earning a bitcoin Alternative (International (short))

CureCoin International Promo: CureCoin helps diversify Bitcoin / Altcoin cryptocurrency portfolios. Keep your lifestyle, but ensure every transaction benefits humanity:

While you play PokemonGO outside, your laptop, Mac or desktop gaming PC can be working hard on a search for new medicines while earning CureCoins…

Also follow the curecoin team on facebook:

Twitter handle: @CureCoin_Team

Easy way to start doing medical research by “folding proteins” for CureCoin located on the knowledge-base:

Of course you can always contribute computer time on a philanthropic basis through folding@home by downloading their free app(s).

CureCoin is a digital currency you earn through participation in public computational biology projects – secured by Bitcoin technology. CureCoin can also be purchased and traded on multiple exchanges for bitcoin (BTC) or other similar currencies.

CureCoin is one of the easiest ways to passively contribute to groundbreaking research while earning a currency with the potential to make a global impact.

Join your PC or Mac to our elite team on Stanford University’s public Folding@Home network – the world’s largest distributed supercomputer.

Folding@Home has produced 118 scientific papers on the study of protein folding and distributed computing over its 15 year history of safety and stability – covering research in:

* Alzheimer’s
* Cancer
* Chagas Disease
* Dengue
* Ebola
* Mad Cow
* Malaria
* Parkinson’s Disease
* Pandemic Influenza
* Diabetes Type II
* Bio-Fuels and Custom Enzymes
* Exo-Biology / Origins Research

Computer Science
* Distributed Computing
* Machine Learning
* Big Data

Crowdfunding Experiments
* Endometriosis #Endometriosis

Join us in creating some transcendent ….

*CureCoin is not affiliated with Stanford University. Stanford University does not officially endorse the CureCoin System outside of the same rules of governance of other team’s participation on FAH.


Produced by wuffy68 from Team CureCoin

Music: Foolish Game by snowflake (Levihica_Remix)

Location: Roxborough Colorado, USA

* The preceding is informational, and for educational
purposes and not intended as investment advice.
Digital currency is a new science, and is highly
experimental – subject to speculation, making
valuations difficult to predict.

** Folding@Home is not affiliated with CureCoin,
and is the property of Pande Labs and Stanford

† Due to the competitive nature of CureCoin, “idle
computer time” is anything BUT idle 😉


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