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Today in Bitcoin (2017-08-19) – Bitcoin $10,000? – Strippers now accept Bitcoin

Donate Bitcoin: 1NX6ijFGErktMGNYUHayD5iHDcZSFHdAwe Be a Patreon: ,065.95USD / BTC | Winkdex Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 0.92 (63.37%) | CoinMarketCap Not Bubble – Bitcoin Growing Up, Heading to ,000: Dave Chapman The High-Tech Flesh Palace Where Strippers Dance for Bitcoins Baidu accepts Bitcoin — Mt.Gox Server Maintenance — StripCoin for Strippers –

Factom Trading – Time to invest in FCT Cryptocurrency? April 1/17

Factom Trading and FCT Cryptocurrency Investing with LumbridgeCity – April 1/17 Sponsored by Learn More About Coinigy Charts for your Factom Investing: @lumbridgecity By accessing this video you agree to Where to Buy FCT: Use Changelly to Invest and Exchange Factom at the best price: Video Rating: / 5