Day: October 8, 2017

#92 Edward Snowden, Zcash & Monero + Zk-Snarks vs. Zk-Starks

Edward Snowden on Bitcoin, Zcash & Monero. + What is the difference btwn “Zk-Snarks vs. Zk-Starks”: While #EdwardSnowden says Zcash is the ‘Most Interesting #Bitcoin Alternative’, he points to risks of Monero. Yet, both #Zcash and #Monero have risks, and these risks can be seen in the differences between the “Zcash #ZkSnark” technology and

Daily: Litecoin shoots for the Moon, BTC-e Is Back Online

Boxmining Daily Sept 1: 1:22 Market Recap 4:50 BTC-e Is Back Online 5:28 Illinois Launches Blockchain Pilot to Digitize Birth Certificates 6:37 Moscow Exchange: No Plans to Launch Bitcoin Trading 7:02 China Spotlight: 8BTC forum Moderation Upcoming: Binance CEO interview, Enigma CEO interview 10:25 Upgrade Time Use code “6bXKwD” and get 3% off every

Ripple XRP LITERALLY to the moon! l Also a recap on XRP’s recent price rise

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